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hotd ❥takashi/rei

Fandom: High School Of The Dead
Characters/Pairings: Takashi Komuro x Rei Miyamoto
Rating: R-18 (oral sex)

God, if you're there, please don't let this be a dream because that'd be way too fucking cruel.

Takashi thought it was enough that he could feel Rei's body straddling his while she laid on her stomach right on top on his upper body and he got a perfect view of her ass and he could feel her breasts crushed against him, just right near his aching erection.

Once she took him into her mouth, he found that he was so fucking wrong in thinking it was enough. Because he swore he could just about come right in her mouth at that moment and die a very happy man.

He couldn't place a number on just how many times he'd kept himself up at night thinking about this kind of scene, but it's all fucking blown away once he experienced her warm mouth giving him the real thing. He could definitely say that it felt way fucking better than doing it with his hand.

He clenched his fists as Rei's tongue explored his length but couldn't hold back a groan. He could've sworn he heard a small giggle from her. It was just too damn amazing, to feel her head bobbing up and down while she swallowed him. Takashi could feel himself breathing hard, like the rush he'd feel when he ran and blew bullets into those things' heads, watching them being blown apart, blood splattering and their bodies fell to the ground one by one. But this was different, his heart was hammering away, threatening to explode. But it wasn't from fear.

He dizzily looked toward the ceiling, but suddenly, he felt Rei take all of him inside her mouth, he could feel the head of his length right at the back of her throat and he strained her name out. Fuckfuckfuck.

He heard her choke slightly and relinquished part of his erection from her mouth, but she soon stroked part of his length, her soft fingertips right near his balls, god, her fingernails on his skin. Fuckfuckfuck.

He's getting too close, he could feel it coming so much. He clenched his fists tighter, nails digging into his palm.

He thought she could feel it too, judging by the way she started to suck with more force, more momentum. Fuckfuckfuck.

It's too fucking much.

He fucking came.

He could feel her squeak in surprise once she tasted the first spurt, but Rei kept her head down, not letting go. He just couldn't hold it back anymore, he didn't give a fuck if anyone heard right now, he just let himself spill inside her mouth as he felt Rei squirm on top of him, her legs trembling, and it made him come even more.

And finally he stopped and Takashi could feel his muscles grow limp. Rei finally took her mouth off him, and when she looked back at him, he could see the white fluids staining her mouth, lips shaped in a small, shy smile.

He let his eyes roll to the ceiling because he needed a little rest because she was so fucking good and he wondered if she'd done this before--

--with Hisashi.

And Takashi groaned and slowly sat up straight. Rei quickly got off him, large eyes wide and confused.

“H-hey, Takashi, what's wrong?”

He didn't bring himself to look at her in the eyes. He didn't want to ask, he didn't want to fucking know, but he did end up asking, his voice quiet.

“Did you do this with Hisashi?”

He didn't have to look at her to see the sharp flash of pain in her eyes that appeared whenever Hisashi was brought up.

“Wh... what are you talking about? Why him--”

“Did you two do it or not?”

When he does look at her, she has her teeth clenched, trying to hold back the pain of remembering everything she used to have with that guy.

“Wh... why are you asking anyway? Do, do you think I'm a fucking slut or something?”

“No... I don't.” He could never think that about her.

“Th-then, why the fuck are you asking?” Her eyes flashed angrily at him, but more than anger, he could see heartbreak.

“I... I guess... I just want to know.”

He could see the top row of her teeth bite down on her lower lip, and for a moment, he's worried her mouth would bleed.

“We... fine, I did blow him.” She spat out. “B-but... it never... went... that far. W-we never, I never gave him my...” She stopped and her eyes fell to her lap.


“Wh-what... that's it?”

He's not sure how to respond. He's really not sure about how to feel about what she told him.

She waited for an answer for a few moments before just letting out a noise of frustration.

“Look, it's not like I was thinking of Hisashi just now, because... really, I haven't thought about him... so much recently...” Her voice trailed off again.

“...Hey... get some sleep. We'll need rest for tomorrow.” He said awkwardly and she glared at him.

“Oh... okay, fine.” Rei said quietly. She stood up and quickly walked toward the door to return to her own room. She stopped when she placed her hand on the doorknob.

“You're welcome, by the way,” she strained out and just left.

Takashi fell back onto his bed. He may have said they needed rest for tomorrow. But he had the feeling rest wouldn't be coming easy to him tonight.
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