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hotd ❥wake up call

Fandom: High School Of The Dead
Characters/Pairings: Takashi Komuro x Rei Miyamoto
Rating: R-18 (oral sex)

“Five more minutes?”

“Seriously, Takashi. I'm about to punch you if you don't get up.”

He'd love to try, if only his body would drag itself up, but he's just so goddamn tired, he can't bring himself to get up. He doesn't exactly want to leave the warmth of the blanket over him. And it doesn't help that Rei's sitting right on top of his crotch. Naked. Dear God, it really doesn't.

“You're already awake, so come on, get off your ass.”

“I can't, unless you get off yours first.”

“Oh please. Make some effort to try to get up.”

“My body's a little too tired to try, though.”

Rei can't help but snicker at that. “Whose fault is that? You're the one who exhausted yourself last night.”

“Couldn't help it,” Takashi laughs. With a body like Rei's, he'd be damned if he could help himself. She's perfect all over, with smooth, tan skin, and the nicest chest and ass he's ever seen on a woman. They may be in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, but he thinks he's a lucky, lucky man, being able to be with the childhood friend he's loved for so long.

“Well, what about you? Aren't you sore?”

Rei punches his chest in response, and they both break into laughter. His laughter ends with an awkward cough, because dammit, her ass keeps grinding against him, and he finds himself getting up, in a way.

“...What the hell is wrong with you?” Looks like she's noticed his sudden discomfort.

“Uh, nothing.”

“Bullshit.” When she shifts over him again, he can't help but groan. She gives him another confused look before her eyes widens suddenly. She lifts her lips so that her hand can feel him through the blanket and--

“Oh my God, Takashi, you're turned on?” She squeezes him, and he nearly chokes on his breath.

He barely strains out a response, “You're sitting on my crotch, so can you really blame me?”

Rei looks at him with a mock exasperated sigh. “Seriously, what do I do with you...”

He laughs a little, “Lay down with me for five more minutes?”

She raises an eyebrow, before her mouth turns into a smile. “Think I got a better idea. Okay now, don't move.”

She moves off him, and he can only watch as she crawls under the covers. Her face is out of view, and he can only see her legs next to him. Takashi tenses immediately, when she lays her long fingers over his stiff erection, and strokes slowly. He tries to lift the blanket to see, but she puts her hand over his torso as a sign to stay still, which he thinks is gonna be a little difficult.

And suddenly he feels something very warm and wet over his cock and it only takes him a second to realize holy fuck she's blowing him.

She's cupping the head of his cock against her palm, as her tongue strokes the side, and God, he loves how hot her mouth always is. The back of his head presses deeper into his pillow, and he stares up at the ceiling, hearing how ragged his breathing is gradually becoming. He can feel how harsh her breath is as her tongue works up and down, and it makes him ache so goddamn hard, his balls tight as hell, and it's nearly enough for him to come in just seconds, but he tries to restrain himself, enjoying this a little longer.

He knows Rei can feel how close he is, from the way her mouth takes him in completely, and a moan drags out of his mouth. He clenches his fists, gripping the sheets, having to lie still is fucking so hard because she's going faster now dear god yes. The bulge of her head through the sheets bobs up and down with her movements, and her tongue keeps rubbing against him. He can hear the loud sound of her sucks, he can feel himself starting to drip down her throat.

Her lips come off him, and he takes a deep breath, only to immediately lose it, once Rei pushes her head down completely, holding him inside her hot mouth, and fuck it, he can't take this anymore. Takashi comes with a loud, harsh groan, back arching up, and he feels Rei swallowing everything. When he finishes, his back collapses, and he can hardly fucking breathe.

Rei pushes the blanket off. Her hair is completely disheveled, face flushed, with those cute cowlicks sticking up as always, and she looks at him with a triumphant smirk.

He catches a small glimpse of white on her upper lip, before her tongue wipes it up.

He manages to say, “Okay, you win.”

Rei leans down, so that her face is inches from his, while he's still trying to regain his breathing.

She pokes his chest. “You owe me, later.”

- - -

AN: Happy birthday, Natty♥
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