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rf2 ❥sweet revenge

Fandom: Rune Factory 2
Characters/Pairings: Barrett x Dorothy; cameos by other RF2 characters.
Rating: R-18 (sexual content)
Notes: Alternate Universe fanfiction. Barrett is a teacher, Dorothy is a librarian.

Dorothy normally would've scolded herself for delving into perverted thoughts at work, but today, she really couldn't help it, what with Barrett coming to the library to eat lunch together. She was worried when she saw him, tired and stressed from teaching class, and offered to do whatever she could to help. She just didn't expect it to end in him taking her to the back, and she found herself pinned against the shelves as he kissed her hard, and they made, erm...they made love. In the school library of all places. A flush rose to her cheeks. She could barely believe it.

She squeezed her thighs together, could still feel the moisture between her legs. Still, it felt wonderful, and she was left with the feeling of walking on clouds and a dazed look on her face, her mouth drawn in a silly smile. She found that she would giggle to herself at random intervals.

It was fine until Alicia walked in. It was fine until she, with a grin, showed Dorothy the reflection of her neck on her compact mirror, allowing Dorothy to clearly see the scarlet marks littered across her skin. Alicia only chortled the entire time Dorothy stammered out any excuse that came to her head (I was bit by mosquitoes; I have a rash; I hit my neck against the shelves.) before the nurse finally lent her makeup to the librarian with a teasing cluck of her tongue. “You might as well just say you were bitten by a vampire.” Another chortle. Dorothy felt she could faint on the spot.

Even with the cover, Dorothy felt exposed, as if the patrons that came by could see right through her, could see the marks on her neck as plain as day through the powder, a shade slightly darker than her own pale skin. A feeling of paranoia constantly bothered her, she feared that people were secretly laughing at her. Even if they didn't notice the marks, her face was stained a deep crimson shade instead of the rosy pink from earlier, and it felt so hot she felt that the makeup could melt away, leaving her exposed. She knew she had received some strange looks, and she's left with a feeling of shame, stammering flimsy excuses when Kyle came by and, like some of the other patrons, concernedly asked if she had a fever.

She couldn't wait for the school day to be over.

- - -

He couldn't wait for the school day to be over.

Barrett counted down the minutes until the bell rang and he could finally get away from the class. Max had left him in charge of homeroom for the second day in a row, and God, he was exhausted. The class was a pretty good bunch for the most part, but some of the guys needed to learn how to shut up, and some of the girls seemed to go out of their away to make sure he noticed how big their breasts were and how short their skirts were. Barrett paid no mind to them, turning away and instead picturing Dorothy's breasts cupped in his hands, just big enough to fit against his palms, as she blushed and fidgeted, beautiful red eyes staring up at him in anticipation. Much better.

He's anxious to see her. It's only been lunch since they spent time together, but he always looked forward to seeing her, especially after those really crappy days of teaching. Just her presence would be enough to soothe him. Dorothy was quiet, caring, and loving, and he was lucky to have her, especially after that screw-up from a couple of years ago... Barrett shook the thought away. Dorothy didn't like it when he kept beating himself up over the past. She'd hold him, murmuring, We're fine now, aren't we? They were, and that's what mattered.

Barrett waited for her in the hallway outside the library, and he had to fight back a smile, thinking about lunch. A box lunch with salmon sashimi, his favorite, along with a flushed Dorothy in his arms, her clothes disheveled as she pleaded in whispers for him to take her behind the bookshelves. She's too adorable for him to take sometimes.

His eyes lit up once Dorothy came out of the library doors, done with work for the day. When she saw him, though, her mouth drew into a frown, and she glared at him through her bangs, her cheeks tinged red. He's taken aback by how upset she seemed, not that her being mad actually looked intimidating.

She approached him, speaking in a low whisper. “You knew, didn't you?”

Barrett raised an eyebrow. “About what?”

“A-About, well...my...” Dorothy's face started to burn more and she dropped her gaze to the ground, “m-my...my neck...”

He tried to hold back a smirk, letting it slip out anyway as he stepped closer to her. “What about it?”

Dorothy fumed at him, “A-About the marks! Th-The ones you...l-left during lunch...you knew about them a-and didn't tell me...”

His fingers reached out to skim her neck, brushing little bits of powder off her skin, and he absently inspected the substance on his fingertips. “Really now?” He chuckled lightly.

“I-It's not funny... A-Alicia saw them and laughed and everything... She gave me some makeup to cover them up, b-but it was so embarrassing...” Dorothy glared at him again, or well, tried to. She looked about as threatening as a forest bunny.

He smiled, amused. “I think they look nice on you. I like them.” She stilled as he leaned in close. “They show that you're mine.”

Heat rose up her neck in very little time, and she quickly turned away from him, holding her trembling arms together, as she tried to regain her composure. She never liked how she could always be embarrassed so easily. She was supposed to be an adult! Yet Barrett could always find a way to set her face aflame, despite being a few years younger. It didn't help that he enjoyed teasing her on purpose, just to see her blush.

Barrett figured he had to lighten up on her. He embraced her from behind, and his lips settled on the back of her neck. “Hey...” His voice was gentle, “how about you let me make it up to you then... Anything you want me to do?”

Dorothy pursed her lips in thought. Then she slowly turned in his embrace to look up at him.


“Yeah,” he nodded, “whatever you'd like.”

She pondered over it for a moment before quietly speaking, “H-How about...coming over for dinner...today...?”

He looked taken aback for a moment. That wasn't quite what he was expecting. “Really? I already came over yesterday.”

She bit her lip, looking up at him. “You...don't want to come over then...?”

Damn. He could never refuse her when she looked at him like that. Barrett brought his forehead against hers. “I didn't say I didn't want to come over. Just a little surprised. Though I can't pass up any opportunities to eat your cooking.” He smiled. “Usual time then?”

Dorothy let out a relieved sigh. “Yes.”

Barrett leaned in to kiss her. “I'll be there.”

She needed to prepare.

- - -

Barrett rang the doorbell to Dorothy's apartment, dressed in his casual clothes with his usual bandana wrapped around his head and his white scarf draped around his shoulders. He liked coming over to her apartment, always kept clean and neat. Not to mention that her cooking's damn good. He could cook well enough to get by on his own, but he preferred eating together with her, always appreciating how Dorothy would always put extra effort into her cooking whenever he came over. The thought of a married life with her crossed his mind again, but he quickly brushed it away, feeling a small blush forming. He still had a long way to go before he could consider himself ready for that. But it was okay and they were content how they were now. The door was opening and he smiled, expecting to see her smile, and—

Holy fuck.

- - -

She never thought she'd be wearing this sort of outfit, if she could even call it that. Clad in only her undergarments and a simple red apron, she felt even more embarrassed in her own home than she did at school. But the doorbell rang, and she reminded herself why she was doing this. It probably was silly to get back at Barrett this way, but...somehow the idea of utterly shocking him was just so tempting in the end. She wanted to surprise him, tease until his face turned a sharp red color like hers did whenever he teased her. If this didn't work, she'd just about faint from embarrassment. She took a deep breath and unlocked the door, opening it to greet Barrett—

...Oh, the look on his face!

Dorothy tried not to let the satisfaction of seeing his jaw drop with his eyes jerking wide open from shock show on her face. She tried to repress a blush rising onto her cheeks and put on a sweet smile.

She leaned on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. “Hello, Barrett.”

What the fuck?

That's really the only thing going through his head, barely even registering the kiss. Seriously, just...what? She was showing way more skin at one time than he'd ever seen her, and when she leaned in so close, his nerves went on high alert, and suddenly everything was too hot, and it felt like everything turned upside down when he wasn't looking, and okay, okay, stop, don't overreact there...

“How about you come in?”

“Huh? Oh, right...”

He's aware he looked like an completely idiot for gawking at her with his mouth slightly open, but he'd doubt anyone would've blamed him if their sweet, modest girlfriend was suddenly dressed like this. He absentmindedly took off his shoes and followed her in. It took him a few moments before he could form a coherent sentence in his head and actually say it. He snapped his mouth shut, took a breath, and finally said:

“What are you wearing?” His mouth felt dry.

Dorothy feigned innocence. “What do you mean?”

“Don't play dumb, just, this.” His hand gestured to her entire body.

“Hmm? This?” She tugged on the edge of her apron, and he reminded himself to keep breathing. “I just...felt a little hot...so I wanted to wear something cooler.” She shyly fidgeted with a small smile, hand on her chest. “Do you like it?”

“I-I... It, uh...” Stop gaping and start talking coherently. “It, uh, looks...nice.”

She let out a relieved sigh, “Oh, that's good.” She took a step closer, gazed up at him, her red eyes big and round as they held him in place, and he couldn't look away. Her voice was quiet. “I was really worried you wouldn't like it.”

He was blushing intensely, and he felt an ache in his groin... Crap, he was getting hard.

“Just...why this all of the sudden?”

Barrett could see her hesitate, the beginning of a blush forming on her cheeks. “I-I, umm...I wanted to try something...new, that's all.”

He narrowed his eyes. She was never good at lying.

“Just, wait while I prepare dinner, okay?” She quickly turned away only to be stopped when he pulled her into his arms.

“I think it can wait.” His voice was low and soft in her ear, and Dorothy tried to hold back a shiver. She couldn't give in now. Not yet.

He's surprised as hell when she pushed away from his embrace and smiled. “N-Now, now. Dinner's special, okay? I'm cooking baked salmon.”

God, that sounded delicious. Normally that'd make his mouth water, but somehow, he couldn't even focus on that. All he see was Dorothy, the straps of her bra and apron, the sway of her hips as she walked back to the kitchen. She changed her panties from the simple pink ones she wore earlier. These were a pure white with lace around the edges, the fabric looked worn and thin, and the way it clung to her skin... Damn.


“What is it?”

“Well, uh...” What did he want to say? Fuck, his brain was malfunctioning.

She stared at him curiously before smiling brightly. “Would you like to help me cook dinner?”

“Uh, sure.” He numbly followed her to the kitchen. He needed to get his brain working properly right now. Stop looking at her ass before you bump into things, moron.

“Help me with the salad? I'll make the sauce for the fish,” she said as she handed him a salad bowl and a bottle of white salad dressing.

Well, this was nice. A simple, mindless task for him to distract him from his suddenly-scantily-clad girlfriend. He mixed the vegetables together and poured out the dressing, but he glanced at Dorothy working beside him. He had a view of the side of her breasts, though that white bra of hers was in the way, dammit...

He remembered reading an article about how men are rendered stupid in the presence of beautiful, especially provocatively-dressed, women, and he'd scoffed at that article when he read it, but fuck, right now he wasn't any better than those men at all. Barrett mentally groaned; he just about wanted to smack himself.

“Barrett, I-I think that's enough.” Dorothy's voice startled him out of his thoughts and he looked at the bowl to see nothing but a giant glob of thick white dressing, slight traces of lettuce just barely peeking out from underneath. He must've poured out majority of the bottle.

“Oh, uh, sorry.”

“It's alright... Hmm? Your face is red...” She pulled his head down to her as she reached up and placed her forehead against his. His breath hitched at the close proximity, and he could only hear her steady breathing and his own heartbeat, loud in his ears.

“I think you need to lie down.” Her voice was hushed. If he'd been thinking straight, that might've been a good time to suggest going to lie on her bed.

“How about you lie on the couch?”

“That sounds...nice.”

Dorothy watched as Barrett numbly walked over to the couch in her living room, and when she was sure he was out of earshot, she finally released a giggle she'd been keeping inside.

Barrett laid himself down on the couch, taking off his glasses to lay his arm over his eyes. He needed to clear his head right now...

What the hell am I doing...

“Barrett, you could always watch the television if you need entertainment,” Dorothy quietly suggested from the kitchen, despite knowing his answer beforehand.

He didn't bother glancing at the small television on the other side of the living room. She wasn't much for watching TV, and neither was he. “All there is on TV is bullshit. I'd just be rotting my brain out.”

“Then you can read.”

Reading's always nice, but unfortunately, he doubted he could focus on giant blocks on text at the moment. He heard quiet footsteps and shifted his arm to his forehead to see Dorothy.

“Are you feeling okay?” She said concernedly, resting her hand on his forehead.

“...You're seriously asking me that?”

She bit her lip, “Of course... I'm worried.” She bent down for a better look at his face.

Shit, he could see the tiny bit of cleavage peeking out from her apron. The front of her apron was a little narrow, and he could make out the outline of her breasts. Then he saw the dark red splotches on her neck, free from coverup, and something clicked then. Why didn't I get this before?

“Look, dinner will be ready soon, alright? I'll be right back.” She turned back to the kitchen. He growled under his breath and reached out to grasp her arm.

Dorothy let out a yelp when Barrett pulled her down onto his lap. She squirmed and he clenched his teeth when they both felt her sitting right on top of the ridge in his pants.


“Dinner can wait,” he said evenly, gripping her forearms.

“D-Don't be silly,” her voice was shaking, “it'll just be a little while—ah.” She's cut off when he lightly bit down on one of the love bites on her neck. “B-Barrett.” She felt her skin burning under his touch.

“You haven't cooked the fish yet, it can wait. And you know what?” He sucked hard on the marks, heard her whimper. “I like these. I like these a lot.” His tongue ran along the side of her neck, “They look really nice on you.”

“N-No, no, Barrett, please.” Her face heated in panic, recalling the distress she felt when Alicia told her that hickeys could take about a week or so to fade, “Please, d-don't make them worse.”

“Then, explain the getup to me.”

“Wh-What do you mean?”

“You are the worst liar I know,” he growled against the back of her neck. He gripped her left breast with one hand, squeezing hard, drawing out another whimper from her.

“I-I don't know—ahh.” He pinched her nipple through her clothes.

“Payback, isn't it? Being a giant tease, giving me a hard-on, all because of those hickeys from lunch.”

“N-No, I-I...”

“Just tell me the truth.”

“I-I, umm...” She could never keep up a lie, and she bowed her head in defeat. “O-Okay... I-I was, well, trying to, umm...s-seduce you...tease you.”

“Was it really because of the hickeys?”


“I see.” Barrett sighed.

Her face was hot with shame, she couldn't believe she thought this would work. She could never get anything past him, and her voice was trembling. “I-It really...was embarrassing... I-I'm really sorry...”

“No,” he sighed again, softening his grip on her as he laid his forehead against her shoulder, “I didn't realize I embarrassed you that much... I'm sorry.”

“It...it's okay, really... Eh?” She was startled when he lifted her up, positioning her so that she was facing him with his hands gripping her arms.

“Well, I said I'd make it up to you. So.” He gently laid a hand on her cheek, holding her in his sights. “Whatever you'd like. You can do anything you want with me.”

“It...It's really okay...?”

“Yeah. Look, if I make a mistake, I want to make up for it... I care that you're happy, alright?”

Her eyes were wide as she gazed at him, “Really...?”

“Of course.”

“...W-Well then...” Dorothy leaned in to wrap her arms around his shoulders, suddenly pushing him over so that they both toppled onto the couch. She held his face in her hands as she looked down at him with a small smile.

“Well...” She breathed. “I want you.” She kissed him, her tongue ran over his lips, and he gladly granted her entrance. She slipped his bandana off his head, not bothering to untie it, and treaded her fingers through his soft mess of hair as she unraveled his scarf.

Dorothy loosened the buttons on his dark green shirt, spreading it open and trailing her hands over his skin, pouring kisses on his neck the whole time. He let out a long, content sigh, leaning his head back along the arm of the couch, let her kiss even more under his chin.

Oh God, she's too good for me. He had an angel in his arms, she was so much more than enough for him, and she was all his.

She fit her mouth against the curve of his neck and hesitantly bit into him, tongue soothing his skin. His muscles tensed all over, and his hand gripped the edge of the couch. He let his eyes roll over, moaning as he felt her biting him, hungrily sucking on his skin. Every time she bit a little too hard, a slightly pained groan was drawn out of him, only for her to quickly kiss where it hurt. She moved to kiss down to his chest, nibbling at his skin.

She pulled back, giggling as she passed her finger over the newly-formed marks forming on his neck, matching hers.

He grinned slightly. “We're even now, huh?”

“Yes.” Her fingertips gently raked his skin as they skimmed over the red spots.

“W-Well...I think I do understand...” she spoke quietly, “the feeling that...the one you love is yours...”

“Hey.” Barrett took her hand, kissed her palm. “I'll always be yours.”

Her lips were pressed together in a smile, she was beaming. “Thank you. So...” Her smile turned a bit mischievous. “If you're mine...”

She pressed right up against him then, ground her body against his, and his breath caught in his throat as she kissed him eagerly. He could feel himself throb between his legs, aching to get out. He had a serious hard-on, too tight against his jeans, and her being this assertive and such a damn tease was so hot it was fucking killing him. She moved to tug at his earlobe with her mouth, tongue licking over his earring. Barrett's voice was hoarse as he moaned and breathed, “Hurry.”

Her giggle tickled his ear, and she lifted her face to his with a playful smile. “No.”

“Dorothy,” he groaned her name. “I'm serious, please.”

She pondered for a moment, her hand reaching down to grip the bulge straining through his jeans. “Does it hurt?”

“I swear I'm just about to fucking explode.”

“Oh...” She cooed, running her hand over his crotch in circles, “You poor thing.”

“Dorothy, please,” he gritted out, “I'm begging. Just...”

She pressed her lips together before moving off him to undo his belt.


She undid his fly, and he lifted his hips to let her pull down his pants. Dorothy carefully pulled them down to his knees before he grabbed his boxers and just yanked them down, startling her when his erection stood out into the open space. Oh, sweet relief. Okay, not quite yet.

“Mmm...” Dorothy blushed. She nudged the tip of his shaft with her finger, the head wet with pre-cum. She leaned in and carefully licked off the moisture. He stiffened all over, a shiver running through him. Her fingertips glided over his length before she took him in her hand, gripping firmly as she stroked up and down.

He could barely keep himself from stammering. “Please, I need you.”

It'd be mean to make him wait any longer. Dorothy swallowed the head of his erection, sucking gently. Oh, he'd been waiting so long, hadn't he? She thought to herself, tasting the bits of semen already starting to leak into her mouth. Maybe she would make him wait a little bit longer, she thought as she went down on him, slow and sensual.

He'll lose his mind as this rate. Barrett gritted his teeth before taking a firm grasp of her scalp, pushing her mouth further down him as he took in the sounds of her muffled noises. He could feel her move a little faster now, and his grip on her relaxed. He clenched his teeth as she traveled down his length, trying to reach as far as she goes, her teeth lightly scraping his skin. She held the base of his erection tightly, holding him still as she swallowed as much as she could take.

He's breathing too too hard. This was different from when they were in the back of the library. She's going down fast on him, but this time she wasn't rushing out of fear they'd be caught. Instead she was just so eager, she wanted to please him entirely, and he heard her humming delightedly with him in her mouth, the vibration sent shivers through his body. His heart's threatening to implode from all this, and—fuck, he felt her grasping his balls, pressing into them, slow, gentle, and hesitant, and he nearly stopped breathing right then.

“Please, I need to...”

He came, his head jerking up as he let out a satisfied groan, and he loved the sound of her gasp as his fluids splattered her mouth, the thick warmth flooding her throat as she tried to keep up and swallow. His head collapsed onto the arm of the couch as he tried to regain his breathing.

She took her mouth off, and Barrett could see the thin white line connecting her mouth to him before she broke away and leaned down to clean up the remaining traces on him with her tongue. She put a finger to her lips to wipe off the traces of him around her mouth, down her chin, and she licked them off her finger and she looked at him and smiled.

“How was it...?”

His mind's a mess, eyes dizzily rolling over, but he strung together a coherent sentence. “That was... That was pretty fucking amazing, I admit.”

She laughed brightly, and he had to smile. Dorothy moved to lay on top of his body, feeling the rise and fall of his chest as his breathing gradually steadied, both of them satisfied with a moment of peace.

“Hey,” Barrett spoke up after a beat, “did you get this idea from a book or something?”

“Well...y-yeah, actually...”

“What's it called?”

She thought about it for a moment, “10 Ways to Seduce Your Boyfriend.”

Barrett laughed out loud. “You're not serious, are you?”

Dorothy tried to stifle a giggle, only to fail. “Okay, I wasn't.”

“Well, whatever it's called, you'll have to show me sometimes.”

“Oh, I-I don't know...”

“Come on, I already know you like reading smut books, pervert.”

“Barrett!” She thumped his chest with a balled-up fist on impulse, flustered.

“Ouch.” But he kept smiling. “Hey, relax.” He reached up so his face was near hers, whispered against her lips, “That fact is a secret just between us. And...” He loosely held her apron straps in his hand, absentmindedly playing with them as he wore an amused smile.

“You know, when people try to dress sexy with an apron, they usually wear nothing but the apron.”

She hid her face against his shoulder. “I-I know, b-but it's just so embarrassing to be, well, a-almost n-naked like that...”

Barrett laughed. “That's just like you.” He tilted his head to kiss her cheek, “I like that.”

She shifted her head for a closed-mouth kiss, smiling against his lips. Then she felt him slip his hands under the apron and her eyes flew open, jerking away slightly.


“I said I was gonna make it up to you, right? So,” he grinned up at her, “I'm gonna make sure that you,” his hands reached up to her bra, and he leaned in closer, his voice lowering as he breathed against her mouth, “are thoroughly pleased.”

He squeezed her breasts hard through her bra, and he could feel her nipples straining through the fabric against his palms, erect. He squeezed a little harder, and she let out a whimper.

“Th-this is...punishment?”

His mouth shaped into a half-smile. “Nah. Just me wanting to please you.” He leaned in for another kiss, sweet and chaste.

“Mmm...then,” She pulled away to look at him, a small, soft smile on her face as she directed his hands toward the straps on her apron, “help me take this off...?”

“Don't need to ask me twice.” His hands reached around to easily untie the apron straps, he pulled the garment over her head, setting it down on the floor before quickly moving to remove her bra, where it joined the apron. He shrugged out of his shirt and pants, tossing them onto the floor.

He cupped her breasts in his hand the way he imagined it earlier. He loved how they fit just right in his hands, full and round. Her nipples were swollen and stiff, a dark rosy color, and he dipped his head down to take one in his mouth, reveling in her pleased moans. He bit down on her nipple as his tongue tasted her skin, massaging her other breast in his hand.

Barrett pressed two fingers to her lips, and she swallowed them, thoroughly wetting them as she knew he wanted. He shifted his mouth to her other breast, smirked when he felt the uneven heave of her chest, and flicked the small bud with his tongue. His hand moved to tug her panties down her thighs.

“That's good.” He slowly pulled his fingers out before moving his hand down and slipping them between her folds, Dorothy letting out a yelp once she felt his fingers, cool and slick, inside her.

He curled his fingers as he stroked and explored the inside of her. His middle finger reached further, searching until Barrett got a startled cry out of Dorothy, and he knew he found that sweet spot, grinning as he rubbed harder against it. He could feel her starting to drip down his hand as she writhed on top of him.

“Hold still.” He chuckled, placing his free hand on her hip.

“Please, Barrett, I-I want...I want you...inside...”

“Inside where?”

“I-Inside...” Her eyes were shut tight and her face was red all over and her voice was small as she said, “I-In me...”

“Aren't I already?”

“N-No, I-I mean, I want...” she pursed her lips tightly before taking his erection in her hands, tugging on it, “th-this... inside...”

He let out a growl when he felt her hands gripping him. “How close are you to coming?” His voice was husky, and it sent chills down her spine as she let out a weak mewl in response.


“Not an answer, Dorothy.”

“I-I'm...cl-...close,” she choked out.

“Hmm, well...” A smile. “Alright then.”

“Huh—ahh,” she gritted her teeth, eyes shut tightly as Barrett thrust his fingers fast inside of her. She could feel him drop kisses all over her neck, tongue darting out to lick the marks he left earlier. Her hands were firmly buried in his hair, and she repeated his name over and over, her voice rising to a high pitch the more she said it. She screamed his name one more time as she felt her release, her fluids spilling out in a rush all over his hand.

He let his fingers hang in front of his mouth as he lapped up the fluids coating them.

“Barrett...” Dorothy looked away, her face red.

“What's the problem? You certainly didn't seem to mind how I tasted.” He sucked the substance right off his middle finger, the sound loud, and Dorothy gave an embarrassed moan as she hid her face in her hands. He laughed, pulling her hands away from her face as he leaned in for a chaste kiss.

Her eyes were locked on his, and she shyly darted her tongue out to lick his lips, quickly slipping between them.

“Don't we bounce back fast,” he murmured against her lips.

Dorothy giggled as she moved to pull her panties off her legs, dropping them onto the floor.

“I-I said I wanted this, s-so...” She shifted, positioning herself so that her moist opening was pressed right against the tip of his shaft. “Please...”

“Sure about this?” He asked lowly.

A soft smile came on her face. “Dinner can wait a little longer.”

His eyes were steady on hers, and he placed his hands on her hips. Barrett licked his lips before taking her into a kiss, and he smiled gently.

“Whatever you want.”

Barrett pushed her all the way down onto him and a cry broke out of her. He stayed still as he adjusted to her warmth enveloping him before steadily continuing to move. His thrusts were gentle and deep, he pushed in as far as he could. She bit her lip to hold back a moan, hiding her face against his neck.

“What're you so hesitant about? We're not at school right now.”

“Y-Yeah... I know...”

“No need to hold back, then.” He roughly pushed into her, drawing out another cry.

“Yes,” she moaned, arms wrapped around his shoulders. “More.”

Oh, this was just perfect, to have her holding onto him tightly, her chest crushed against his, and she moaned in his arms as he held her hips firmly and roughly thrust up into her.

“B-Barrett... Barre—ahh!” She sent out a sharp cry once she felt him hit that one spot, pleasure pulsing through her body. “Yes...”

He murmured against her cheek, “How does it feel?”

“Nnh...I-I like—ahh, like...I-I like it...”

A low laugh. “You just like it?”

“U-Umm... N-No—nnh...” Another thrust. “I-I lo-love...it, I love it...” She locked her dazed eyes onto his and held his face in her hands, breathing into his mouth as she begged, “I want you, so much it's overwhelming... Please, more.”

Well fuck him, if he refused when she asked with that soft whisper, her face so flushed. She was too beautiful for him to take. He loved pleasing her as he drove into her, her walls tight around him, and she held onto him, letting out pleasured cries. There was no one to be afraid of, no risk of someone catching them like at school, and she let herself be as loud she wanted, and he loved it.

She kissed him, greedily seeking his taste as her tongue tangled together with his. Her moans were muffled as he pushed into her, she could hear the sound of his skin hitting hers. He drove into her fast and strong, and she screamed into his mouth, it felt like her insides were in knots, squeezed tight with pleasure.

They parted with a thin trail of saliva suspended between them before it collapsed.

Barrett ran his tongue across his upper lip. “I like it when you scream like that.” He moved close to her face again. “Scream for more.”

She panted harshly, and she kept pulling his face to hers, hungry for kisses. He smirked against her lips. He liked...scratch that, loved this passionate side of hers, he thought as he swallowed her cries. As she pulled her face back to look at him, he could see a smile of delight slip onto her face, and it made him smile too.

“B-Barrett, please, I-I'm going to...”

“Hmm...? Going to what?”

“I-I...” Her voice was weakening and she clenched her eyes shut, “I-I'm going... to c-come...”

He licked his lips. “Alright.” He tightened his hold on her hips, pounded faster inside her. She trailed frantic kisses across his jaw, and Barrett shut his eyes as he felt himself reaching his peak. They could feel the pleasure inside them coil tightly, almost painfully, until they finally spilled their release, Dorothy's scream overlapping Barrett's own harsh groan.

She collapsed onto him. They could feel their hearts steadily slowing down until they beat in tandem. His groin was soaked with her fluids, and he carefully pulled out of her.

He kissed her forehead. “How're you feeling?”

She let out an airy giggle, a silly drawn-out smile on her smile as she contentedly nestled against him, “Wonderful.”

Barrett chuckled softly, holding her close. They both liked this moment afterwards whenever they had sex, when she curled up against him as he held her in his arms.

She mumbled tiredly, “But you can be an animal sometimes...”

He quirked an eyebrow. “And whose fault is that?”

“Mm... Not mine...”

“Oh, come on. You're the one who greeted me in only your underwear and an apron.”

“Th-That's...mm...” She pouted, “W-Well, it's not any different from the time you greeted me in only your boxers when I went to your apartment.”

“It's different this time because it was coming from you. And it's not like I cared about appearances, especially since it was you. Besides,” he grinned, “I remember, clear as day, you gaping and blushing because you enjoyed seeing me like that so much and that you got all hot and bothered and what happened afterwards when you—”

“B-Barrett!” She buried her face against the crook of his neck, trying to hide her embarrassment.

He's laughing again, keeping it hushed to himself at first before it grew loud and clear. She just might be the only one who could make him laugh like that. Around her, he's free to be himself and open up, and he leaned his head back further up over the arm of the couch, his body trembling in time with his laugh.

“...Barrett, you sound crazy like that.”

“Hmph. Well, I might be. At least when it comes to you.” She laughed in response before they go quiet again.

“Barrett...” Dorothy spoke up quietly.

His eyes were closed, resting. “Hmm?”

“I-I know I'm not usually like this...b-but, well... how was I...?”

He opened one eye. “...It was a real shock, for sure.” He laughed lightly. “But, it was a pretty nice surprise. But man, you seriously knocked the hell out of me when you opened the door and I saw you dressed like that... I know you wanted to get back at me, but you felt you had to go this far?”

“Mm... W-Well, I suppose...” She shyly looked at him, “I wanted to be...more of the adult this time. I-I mean, I've always let you take the lead, b-but, I guess I wanted to try... And really, I'm the older one, s-so...” Dorothy stopped, knowing she wasn't making any sense. She glanced toward him, then down at his chest where her finger absentmindedly traced circles on his skin, and she whispered, “Really...I just wanted to drive you crazy.”

Barrett grinned, enough to almost split one side of his face before he broke into a laugh. “You didn't need to dress like this to do that... I mean, Dorothy,” he took a breath, feeling his face warm, “All the little things you do, they already drive me crazy more times than I can count, and you know, I love you.” His voice was trailing off as he ran his hand over the small of her back.

She's tracing hearts over his chest now as she dipped her head for a kiss. “I love you too.”

He laughed under his breath, “Though, I'm not saying I don't like the apron get-up.” Dorothy could see a playful light in his eyes. “Will you dress like that for me again sometime, maybe even without your underwear?”

“Maybe...if you're good.” She clumsily tried to wink, and they both burst in laughter.

“Oh, but for school...” Dorothy stroked the marks on his neck worriedly. “Will you be okay with these...?”

He thought for a moment before just shrugging. “Hey, I'll deal with it.”

- - -

“Something about Barrett seem off to you?”

“You think so, too?”

“I think he's got something on his neck.”

“Looks like an infection... He should see a doctor about those.”

“Uh, I don't think that's an infection.”

“You dumbass, those are fucking hickeys.”

“No way! You think that means he has a girlfriend?”

“He could have a boyfriend.”

“Or maybe a vampire bit him.”

“Wait, I thought he was dating the school librarian?”

“Ohmigod, no! Her?! You think she did that to him?!”


“Hey!” Barrett sharply spoke up, his voice a whiplash cutting through the chatter. He looked over his glasses from his desk, littered with a mixture of tests that have yet to be graded and tests with scores that were pretty fucking crappy marked in bold red ink. “I don't want to hear a sound from you guys. Especially from the people failing the class. Get back to work.”

A hush settled throughout the class with nothing but the sound of pencils scratching on papers. But he could still feel their eyes boring into him, and Barrett tried to hold back a sigh when he caught the sound of whispers stirring up again, students trying to keep their voices down and failing horribly at it.

“I said shut up. Unless you guys want to fail the semester.”

One boy was dumb enough to call out, “You're the one showing off your sex life, Mister!” A couple of snickers popped up.

“Just because you're jealous I have a sex life doesn't mean you can slack off, especially considering that you got an F.” Laughter exploded through the class as that boy reddened to the tip of his ears. “Now shut up before I fail all of you. For the year.”

Barrett couldn't wait to see Dorothy after school, away from the fucking gossip mill. Well, not that he didn't deserve it in the first place.

Sure, it was a little embarrassing to wear hickeys on his neck to school, especially with that irritating Max teasing him a little too enthusiastically about them (right before sticking Barrett with being in charge of homeroom, yet again, while he goes off to who-the-fuck-knows-where). But he didn't want to put on makeup to cover them up, not to mention he figured it was a fair way to repay Dorothy. In the end, he really just didn't give too much of a damn to care about what people thought. Besides, he was enjoying the reactions he was getting from some of the more annoying girls in his class, quite a few being shocked and heartbroken when they found that he already had a girlfriend.

He was Dorothy's, that wouldn't change, and he didn't mind showing that at all.
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