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rf2 ❥behind the shelves

Fandom: Rune Factory 2
Characters/Pairings: Barrett x Dorothy; cameos by other RF2 characters.
Rating: R-18 (sexual content)
Notes: Alternate Universe fanfiction. Barrett is a teacher, Dorothy is a librarian.

The lunch bell seemed to become Dorothy's favorite sound these days.

She could feel her heart thump in her chest when the sound of the bell rung throughout the school and thought, Will he come today too? She used to be lonely during lunch time. The library was almost always devoid of any visitors since the students spend most of their time being with their friends at lunch somewhere on campus and it was a bit difficult to find someone who loved reading as much as she did. But lately, he's been coming every day during lunch, and Dorothy found that she didn't feel so lonely anymore. Before she realized it, it seemed to have become her favorite time of the day.

Yesterday was still fresh in her mind, when he came over to her apartment for dinner, and as for what happened afterward—goodness. She stopped herself from remembering that trail of events as a small blush rose to her cheeks. He could always find a way into her thoughts, and she would find herself imagining his touch on her lips, on her skin, especially on—no, no, not here. She chastised herself for delving into those sort of thoughts at work.

With one elbow on the counter, she balanced her chin on her palm and sighed.



She let out a startled yelp at the sudden voice, quickly sitting up straight in her chair and sharply turned around to see his face, just as calm as ever.

“O-oh, I-I didn't hear you come in...”

“Apparently.” He said coolly, and she took a moment to try to calm her heart, and things were silent for a moment.

“So,” he started, glancing toward her, “why'd you say my name like that?”

“H-huh, well, umm...” She fidgeted, biting her lip at being put on the spot. She gulped, feeling his eyes on her, waiting.

“W-well... I was just... th-thinking about... you...” Do not think about last night right now. She blushed before quietly saying, “I wanted to see you... th-that's all...”

Her face was burning and she couldn't meet his eyes, but soon she felt soft lips on hers. He was leaning over the counter and holding her face in his hands, and after a moment, she responded to the kiss.

He pulled away, and she felt her heart lifting when she saw the gentle smile on his face and how soft his blue eyes were behind his glasses.

“And you were embarrassed about that?”

She shyly looked down at her lap and heard a quiet chuckle.

“...Well, it's fine... I wanted to see you too.”

She looked up at him through her long bangs and slowly smiled. He looked away out of slight embarrassment, and she giggled.

“Well... how was class today?”

He groaned under his breath, and she could see the exhaustion in his eyes. “A couple of dumbasses screwed around today... I swear, they don't even bother hiding it. They think that since I'm a student teacher, I'll just let their bullshit slide. And it's always the same morons...” He sighed. “I guess the girls pay attention in class. I'm just not sure how much they understand the lessons though, judging from their test scores and how they all keep asking the same questions over and over...”

Dorothy tried not to think about those girls' real intentions.

He drew out another long sigh, and she bit her lip, contemplating how to help. She didn't like seeing the weariness in his eyes. In the end, she stood up from her seat and walked over to his side of the counter. He looked at her, slightly confused, before his eyes widened in surprise when she slowly embraced him. Dorothy felt him still in her arms before she felt his shoulders relax and he leaned into her, placing a hand on the small of her back.

“Anything I can do?” She asked quietly.

He stayed silent for a moment to contemplate that. She laid her cheek against his chest while she waited. Then he called her name.


“I need to find some books.”

“Alright then,” she smiled against his chest. “After we have lunch then...”

“Can we go look now?”

“E-Eh...? Well, o-okay...”

They moved from the counter, and she led him down the arrays of shelves with books she'd neatly organized. Down a few rows, she started to turn left toward the section where the reference books for chemistry were found when Barrett stopped her by placing a hand on her shoulder. She turned toward him, confused.

He jerked his head toward the back and she followed his lead.

They reach the very last of the shelves in the very back of the library, and she's very perplexed as to why they're here. The shelves in the back held reference books for math but hardly anyone came back to this area.

“S-So, right around here?”

“Yeah, they should be right over there.” He pointed toward the very back corner, two long shelves facing each other with enough walking space between them.

Dorothy headed down the alley between the shelves and started to search the shelves for anything that may be useful to him, running a finger along the spines of the books as she scanned the titles, biting her lip when she couldn't find a suitable title.

“Just what kind of book are you looking for—” She turned around to ask, only to find herself quickly pinned to the shelf in a rush. Barrett's tongue took advantage of her shock to slip inside her mouth, and he gripped the edge of the shelf with his hands on either side of her, preventing her escape.

She quickly tried to pull away, her face pink. “W-Wait, wh-what, B-Barrett—” He cut her off with another kiss.

Barrett placed a hand on the back of her neck and crushed his body to hers as she squirmed against him. He closed his eyes, his tongue rolled in the warm sweet taste of her mouth, and he could feel the exhaustion from the day draining away, the vision of those students' faces blurring. He sighed, slipping a moan between her lips.

He released her mouth, and she looked up at him, flustered and flushed. He smiled.

“...Being with you always calms me down, no matter how crappy I feel... I like this feeling.” He kissed her again.

After a moment, Dorothy slowly leaned into him, letting her tongue tangle with his. She could taste the coffee he drank earlier before class started. He held her head in his hands and kissed her hard and the force of it left her dizzy and breathless. Her legs felt wobbly, and she weakly grasped the front of his suit jacket to help her remain standing. They separated, faces flushed red, Barrett laying his forehead against hers, both of them panting heavily. They slowly lowered themselves onto the ground, Dorothy sitting against the shelf with Barrett on his knees before her. Dorothy pursed her lips for a moment before leaning in to kiss his neck, and Barrett's breath hitched at the contact. Barrett stayed motionless, closing his eyes as her soft lips skimmed his skin, tongue darting out to lick his neck. He leaned his head back as Dorothy trailed her tongue up his neck from the pulse of his throat and growled under his breath, eliciting a giggle from her.

Her hands were slowly trailing down the front of his suit. Her fingers passed over his abdomen, traveling further below it, and when she reached the bump in his pants, she gasped.

“W-Wait...” She looked at him, panicked. “Th-that... here...?”

She saw a smile tug at his lips.

“Huh... Why not.”

“H-Hold on, could it w-wait... until l-later...? D-Doing it... here...”

“...No.” He caught her protesting lips again. One hand moved to grip the back of her head, holding her still as they kissed. He slipped his hand under her pants, fingers against the smooth fabric of her panties as he slid his hand further down and reached that spot.

Barrett raised an eyebrow in amusement.

“You're already getting wet right here...” His finger rubbed against the wet spot in her panties, grinding against the fabric as she shakily let out a cry, her hands weakly clutching the front of his suit.

“N-... no... I-I...”

“You know, you were never very convincing when you tried to hide what you felt.” He ground his fingers against that moist spot once more, harder, drawing out a strained whimper as she weakly said his name.

“N-Not here... nnh--” His tongue slipped under hers, and she almost forgot what she was going to say. She could feel the moist saliva running down their chins. He cupped her firmly between her legs, squeezing her, moist fabric against his palm. It felt like he was toying around as he worked with his tongue, and she could feel him smirk against her lips.

“Nobody's coming. So don't worry,” he assured her as he pulled her green coat open and unbuttoned his suit jacket, tossing it beside them.

He looked at the way she was avoiding eye contact with him and hesitated for a moment, only to give away to surprise when she gripped both sides of his head and moved to kiss him. Her hands, clumsy yet urgent, reach to fumble with untying the red bandana around his head. He stayed still to let her work the knot free before unraveling his bandana and gently setting it beside them on the shelf. Barrett liked how she was careful with putting away his clothes when they undressed instead of simply tossing them aside. She grabbed his face and kissed him again. Barrett could feel the growing hunger inside of her and responded eagerly to her kiss.

They roughly broke apart, breathing harsh. Barrett dipped his head down to her neck, kissing everywhere he could reach. Dorothy held his head tightly, burying herself against him while tangling her fingers in his shaggy brown hair. Her breath tickled his earlobe, and she lightly stroked the simple silver earring he had there. She moved to lightly lick his earlobe and felt him stop, letting out a content sigh before laying a kiss on the curve of her neck. He trailed kisses up and down her neck as she moaned in his arms, holding onto him tightly, her breathing gradually becoming more and more unsteady. She looked toward him to see that the one of the lenses of his glasses had fogged up and laughed breathlessly. A smile twitched at his lips before he caught her lips again.

And somewhere between their harsh breathing, she thought she heard something and it sounded like it came from the front of the library and it took a moment before her mind could describe it, it sounded like a door opening...

Her eyes quickly opened. “W-Wait, Barrett,” She spoke in a high whisper. “Barrett, st-stop, someone... someone's here...!”

“Hello, Dorothy? Are you here?”

Kyle...?! Panic streaked through her.

“B-Barrett, st-stop... Kyle is...!”

He leaned close to her face and shushed her panicked cries, warm breath falling into her mouth. “Shh...” He whispered and kissed her again. “Keep your voice down and he won't hear.” He moved down to undo the buttons on her shirt.

“W-Wait, pl-please...”

He could've stopped like she wanted. But he pulled the top of her shirt open more to expose her white neck, and he licked his lips before leaning in, leaving soft bites on her neck and drawing quiet whimpers from her throat.

“St-Stop—aah.” She's cut off as his tongue tickled the base of her neck, a sharp gasp leaving her mouth, and he chuckled when he felt her pulse throb harder under his tongue. He bit down a little, and his erection ached when she let out her strained cry. God, he loved her voice, and he thought he especially liked it when she tried to hold it back so nobody would hear.

“I-It's too... h-hard...” Her voice was small and weak as Barrett kissed up her throat, up the side of her cheek.

He smirked against her skin, the bulge in his pants pressed right against her thigh. “What is?”

“W-We just n-need to stop... I-If Kyle comes back here...”

“Nobody ever comes back here anyway.” He tread lower, kissing down to the valley of her breasts, and loosened his tie for room to breathe.

“B-Barrett...” Her voice was quiet, high-pitched, and desperate.

He paused, “...Well, if you really think you'll have a hard time with keeping your voice down...”

She tensed when she heard his zipper being undone and looked away, being proven wrong in thinking her head couldn't be any warmer. Then he pulled his pants off before leading her hand to grasp his erection, and when she gasped in response, he quickly leaned in for a kiss. She squeezed him on impulse, drawing a muffled groan from him.

Before she could tell what was going on, he stood up, holding his erection in his hand.

“I'll be better at keeping quiet... so.” He directed himself toward her mouth. Dorothy gulped hard, it felt like her heart was coming up her throat, and she carefully grasped his length with her fingertips.

He's aware he said he'd be better at being quiet, but fuck, she made it a hell lot harder than he thought it'd be. He could feel her shaky breath falling on his erection before she leaned in to take a tentative lick of the head, and it sent a jolt straight down his spine, his balls tightening. His eyes rolled to the ceiling as she licked all over the head.

Then she slowly swallowed him, and his breath caught in his throat when he felt the heat of her mouth enveloping him. Her tongue massaged the tip, and a low growl rumbled in his throat. He tangled his fingers in her hair and gripped her scalp firmly. She took that as a signal to slowly move further down on him, and Dorothy slowly adjusted to her usual rhythm, her head bobbing up and down his shaft. She'd never thought she'd be in this sort of situation, so perverse. A shiver ran through her, she was growing weaker between her legs. She didn't want to admit to actually enjoying this thrill, heart pounding away as she sucked on him behind the shelves with no one the wiser.

She sucked on him as hard as she could, he could feel her urgent need to get him to come before anyone caught them, and he's tempted to just let himself go right then. But she's just so cute when she was flustered and desperate, and that kept him trying to maintain control of himself even though he was aching so fucking much.

But then she tried to push herself further down him, trying to take all of him in, and he let out a sharp groan. She couldn't quite fit all of him in her mouth, so she stroked the rest of his length with her hands, fingertips running over the base of his length, lightly brushing against his balls.


It's then that she took her mouth off, and he saw the small trail of white fluid slipping from her lips and the faint traces on her tongue before she swallowed. Dorothy simply smiled up at him, and Barrett could see the small, teasing glint in her eyes, white cheeks stained red.

She put a finger to her lips, voice barely above a whisper. “Shh...”

He had to keep himself from coming right then.

She let out a breathy giggle before going back down on him, oh God, she could be too much for him to take, and Barrett felt himself getting closer and closer to the edge until finally he just had to let go. With a sharp, drawn out groan, he came, startling Dorothy when he flooded her mouth, but she held on until the end of it. She slowly released him, her breathing ragged and heavy as she took her time to swallow the fluid before looking up at him, her eyes bright.

He couldn't stop, she drove him crazy, back then and now. He remembered how one time she embarrassedly confessed to him how she had read a couple of “perverted” novels before. When she told him that, he couldn't help but wonder: what were her reactions, what kind of faces did she make when she read the sex scenes, was her face as flushed as it was now? He loved those faces she made, and he licked his lips, hungry for more, before pulling her in for another kiss.

Dorothy let out a muffled sound of surprise, he kissed her as though he was starving. When he laid a hand on her breast, squeezing it through her shirt, her eyes widened before closing tightly as a feeling of panic—and want rushed through her.

Dorothy pushed away from Barrett and nervously glanced toward the direction of the front of the library, listening carefully. “H-He's... still here though...”

“Tch.” Barrett scowled. Just how long was that guy gonna hang around...

She let out a small sound of surprise when he pushed her down onto the floor. His hands moved to pull open her shirt more, revealing her pink cotton bra. He pushed the cups over her chest, exposing her breasts, her nipples erect.

“If he hasn't come back here by now, either we've been doing better than we thought or he's just plain deaf... I'll bet on the latter.”

“I-I don't know if we should push our luck...”

He smiled. “Well, let's try.”

He felt himself aching hard down there at the sight of her body beneath on the floor with her shirt open, her breasts exposed, just big enough to fit in his hands. He loved the unsteady rise and fall of her chest in accordance to her ragged breathing, the deep red of her flushed cheeks, practically the same color of her eyes, those damn beautiful eyes, looking up at him, and it's just like the first time they—


“...Huh? Oh... it's nothing.” He licked his lips, “I just thought...” his head dipped down, “...you're really beautiful.” And she gasped when his mouth took in a stiff nipple, tongue grinding against it, tracing her skin. He took her other breast in his hand, squeezing it hard, and he could feel the harsh pounding of her heart.

She could only let out soft, strained gasps at feeling the heat of his mouth on her right breast, his warm hand gripping her left. Her heart was threatening to burst, and she was too too hot, so much she felt she could pass out. Her arms slowly reached to grip his head, hands in his hair, holding tight to him, as his teeth lightly bite on her nipple.

“D-Don't tease...” She said quietly, barely above a whisper. He chuckled against her skin, he could feel himself hardening again. His fingers slowly pinch her nipple, and she couldn't hold back a small cry. Barrett kissed her at the same time she could hear the footsteps coming their way and her heart almost jumped out of her chest. No, no, no.


He paused. He could hear the footsteps too.

“Weird... Thought I heard something.” The sound of his footsteps seem grow louder. Her eardrums seemed to throb, so focused on listening to Kyle approach.

“...So much for being deaf,” Barrett muttered under his breath.

“B-B-...” She raggedly breathed out. “Barrett.”

He looked at her and kissed her again, chaste. He tried to calm her, but it failed to steady her heart.

He's coming closer. She couldn't hear anything but her heartbeat, threatening to explode with each step Kyle was taking. I don't want him to come back here, I just want to be alone with...

“Hey, Kyle~!” A loud, high-pitched voice rang out throughout the library. Was that Julia? “Hurry up, you promised you'd buy me and Rosalind lunch today!”

“A-ah, oh, right! Coming!” Kyle called back.

The two of them listened to his hurried footsteps, fading more and more until they were gone. He was gone.

“...It's fine now.”

Slowly, relief flooded through her at Barrett's words assuring her that they were truly alone, and she closed her eyes, shuddering all over and taking a moment to collect her composure, covering her face with her hands. She's brought back when she felt Barrett's hand on her chest.

“...Your heart's beating so fast.”

“...I-It's always like that... especially when... you're around.”

He smiled. “Well, it's fine... After all, mine's the same way with you. And well,” he chuckled, “that was close...”

She slowly smiled back, and he held the sound of her laugh, like the light ring of a little bell, in his mind.

“M-Mmm...” Dorothy glanced away. “Barrett...”


She looked up at him. “...C-Can we...” She reached her head up to kiss him firmly, “well... can we... finish...?”

He licked his upper lip. “...Alright, I think you've waited long enough.”

His hands moved to slide down the pants that clung to her thin legs, exposing soft, milk-white thighs. He worked her shoes off before pulling her pants off completely. He saw the soft pink panties she wore, simple and innocent, and chuckled. That's so like her.

His hands held her knees in place as he dipped his head down to kiss the inside of her thighs.

“B-Barrett... Barrett...”


She gulped before panting out, “Please... j-just... hurry... I-I can't... w... wait...”

He felt her legs slowly inching apart, anxious and inviting, and he could see the growing moisture in her panties.

“T-Take...” She slowly brought her eyes to look at him, cheeks flushed a deep red. “...me...”

Oh fuck, he could feel a shiver run from his spine all the way down there when he heard her timid invitation. He gave her a small smile before pulling her panties down to her ankles, slipping them off her feet, gently laying the garment beside them.


“What is it?”

She stared at him for a bit before reaching over and slowly taking off his glasses. His eyes widened, and she smiled at seeing his eyes, clear and unobstructed. She folded his glasses and carefully set them aside on the nearby shelf before pulling him in for a kiss, wasting no time in slipping her tongue inside his mouth. It took him by surprise how forward she could be. But fuck if he thought he didn't like it. He loved when she let go of her hesitation and let herself come free.

She pulled away to lay back down on the ground, and he grabbed the back of her knees, pulling her legs until her calves were each on either side of him. He leaned over her, positioned himself between her legs, his shaft pressing against her opening.


She stared straight into him, her voice small. “Please.”

That was all he needed to push himself into her, Dorothy clenching her eyes shut in response. He waited a few seconds to let her adjust before she gripped his back and smiled.

“Keep going.”

He took a breath before slowly bucking into her, adjusting into a steady, familiar rhythm. She dug her fingernails into his back, holding onto him, feeling herself clench around him as he worked his way inside.

“Pl-Please, faster...”

No matter how many times they'd do it, he's always overwhelmed. Dorothy was always so damn tight and warm, closed around him. They fit just right. He loved the sounds she made, loved when she breathed please faster please harder please more. He started thrusting harder into her, earning pleased cries from her.

Her legs numbly teetered in the air with each rough thrust. Dorothy squeezed her eyes shut, tried to focus only on feeling his soft hair brushing against her cheek, feeling rough bites and soothing kisses on her neck, feeling him pounding deep inside of her, bringing her higher and higher. No one will come, no one will come, it's just us... She let her moans freely escape her mouth.

“Y-...” She closed her eyes at another thrust as she breathed in his ear, “Yes... yes...”

It was one simple word but it's what he liked to hear from her the most, to know he could satisfy her like this completely, and it drove him further. He's the only person who could please her like this, and he damn well liked it that way. He was irrevocably hers, and she was his. Nothing could change that.

He mouthed a “fuck” against her skin, “Gonna come...”

“M-Me... too... ahh,” she bit her lip at another thrust. He licked her lips and she simply invited him into her mouth without hesitation, letting out a content sigh.

He gritted out, “Don't hold back your voice.”

And she soon fell and when she did, she arched her back with a sharp cry, her breasts crushed against his chest as she felt herself letting go, her fluids spilling out, and her fingernails dug into his back. The last few thrusts were strong and rough as he poured everything out into her, and she could feel him flowing into her. Everything spilled out in a rush, leaking out, splattering onto the floor until there was nothing left.

Her legs collapsed to the ground, tired. Her arched back slowly relaxed, easing onto the cool floor.

Barrett tilted her head up and leaned down to share a chaste kiss. She sighed contentedly. He slowly pulled out of her and parted from her lips, moving back to gaze down at Dorothy looking up at him. A smile slowly came onto his face and he quickly dropped a light kiss on her forehead before moving to get dressed, pulling his pants on and reaching for his belt. Dorothy shakily sat up straight, adjusting her bra and shirt. Barrett handed her her pants and panties, and she shyly took them from him. There wasn't anything but the rustling of their clothes as they cleaned themselves up.

Even when she felt her face cool slightly, it was no use when she saw the sticky stains on the marble floor. Barrett glanced at them as well.

“I'll help you clean that up later.”

Her face was in flames again. “I-I-I, I just... I just can't believe that we... did that here...”

He chuckled, “Well, we did. And it was pretty hot, don't you think?”

“I, that... ohh,” she moaned, burying her face in her hands. Barrett laughed again, pulling her close.

“I-I can't believe I let you...” She murmured against his chest.

He grinned. “Always the good girl...” He tilted her head to look at him. “I like seeing you put in a pressured situation where you're afraid somebody's gonna catch us... until you let that inner pervert of yours out.”

He laughed, clear and loud, when her mouth fell open as she tried to argue against that. She could not come up with a retort to that at all, rambling her flimsy defenses until she bit her lip to stop herself from further embarrassment. In the end, she just pouted, huffing slightly, wishing he'd stop laughing.

“You're so pushy. I could never say no to you.” She teased. She intended for it to be playful but was taken aback by the slightly pained look on his face.

“B-Barrett...?” She looked at him, concerned, resting a hand on his cheek.

“...Sorry, I just... I keep thinking,” he sighed.

“About what...?”

“...Back then, remember... you know, the first time we had sex.”

Heat rushed to her face, and she quickly looked down at her lap. “W-Why bring that up...”

He took a deep breath, pondering what to say. “I've just been wondering... when I think about how nervous you were since then... I wonder... if I rushed you. If I really considered your feelings... Did I... push you too hard back then?”


“I liked spending time with you back then, and before I knew it, you were on my mind everyday. And the first time we kissed, I was hooked, couldn't get enough of you.”

She remembered their first kiss too, that one afternoon in the park where they sat on a bench in the shade sharing a textbook between them, and at some point their faces had turned to each other, so close, and before she knew it, Barrett was kissing her and she kissed back and they both found it hard to concentrate on studying for the rest of that afternoon.

“I know that I was young and really... stupid back then... But I also know that I really did like the time we spent together for that one year... I knew that I really liked you.” He held her tighter. “...And that I still do... I'm sorry, it was my fault back then...” He trailed off when she stopped him with a gentle kiss.

When she pulled away, she had a small, sad smile. “Please... stop saying that it was your fault... I-I mean, it was my fault too...” She looked down at her lap, “I-I... I-I really... wanted to be with you... too... A-And I loved the time we spent together.” She kissed him again. “...Really...”

He held her tighter. “...Missed you.”

“...I missed you too.”

She spoke up again after a moment of silence. “Barrett... shall we eat lunch now...?”

A grin came onto his face. “After what you've had in your mouth, you still want lunch?”

Her cheeks turned pink and she turned away from his face, getting another chuckle from him. “W-Well, umm... y-you shouldn't return to class w-with an empty stomach, a-and I m-made lunch for the two of us, s-so...”

“Alright then.” He stood up and held his hand out to lift her to her feet, and they walked hand-in-hand toward the front of the library.



“Please... don't m-make, w-well, this a regular occurrence.” And she treasured the sound of his laugh.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Hello there, Dorothy~”

“A-Ah, Alicia, h-hello...” She looked up from sorting books into the nearby shelves as the school nurse entered the library. “I-Is there anything you need?”

“Just came by to check on a few medical books, and... ohhh.” Alicia trailed off and Dorothy tensed in confusion, growing nervous as a slow sly smile grew on the nurse's face.

“Well now...” She drawled with a grin threatening to split her face. “Look at you... You had a nice day, haven't you?”

“E-Eh, wh-what...?”

Alicia took out a compact mirror, holding it in front of Dorothy about half a foot away from her neck. When Dorothy leaned in to see the reflection, she could see the red marks scattered across her neck.

The library echoed with the sound of several hardcover books dropping to the floor.

Alicia only chuckled to herself as the librarian stammered incoherent, unconvincing explanations for the marks, her face in flames.

To think this young lady of all people was into that... She thought. Guess it's true what they say about the quiet ones.
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