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rf2 ❥so what do you think

Fandom: Rune Factory 2
Characters/Pairings: Barrett x Dorothy
Rating: PG

“Like I give a damn what people think.”

It was just one of their usual simple conversations. Barrett would sit, relaxed, on the usual bench in Cherry Blossom Square, and Dorothy would come by later and sit next to him once her work at the clinic was done for the day, and they'd stay like that under the giant cherry tree in the square, quiet, at peace, content in each other's company (though he wouldn't admit to the last part). Eventually, a conversation would be sparked from a simple offhand comment from either of them, this day being from Dorothy. “D-do you get nervous... when people look you in the eye?”

He'd simply frowned at that. “No.”

She stared at him (well, it's not like her eyes were showing under those long bangs of hers, but he figured she was staring).

“Not like it's a big deal. They can think what they want of me, but I really don't care.”

She stayed silent as she took a moment to consider his answer before her face fell to her lap where she held Fern between her hands.

“...I actually... really a-admire you for that...”


“I-I always worry... about what people th-think of me... It scares me so much... So for you to not care... I admire that about you... I-I wish I could be like that.”

He felt his face heat up at that, but tried to keep it cool. “...That so.”

She nodded.

“But... I guess sometimes it's not too bad to worry about what someone thinks.”

“H-Huh? What do you mean?”

He stayed silent for a moment before quietly saying, “Well... I guess I care about what you think about me.”

Within a few seconds, her cheeks bloomed into a deep pink color and she stammered for a few moments before staying quiet to contemplate how to answer.

“...Look, don't worry about it--”

“I-I think...” She cut in suddenly, taken him aback.

“...I think that... you're kind...”

“What?” He's actually dumbfounded by that. “...What are you saying...”

She shook her head. “... I really think you are...”

“...Think what you want.”

“And... and...” He could see her cheeks turning into a deep red.

“I-I like... I like... you.”

He tried not to feel his face burn at that statement. He didn't want to acknowledge that he felt happy about that.

“...I see.”

Dorothy looked down at her lap, embarrassed, but she was smiling. Barrett tried to focus on the blooming flowers adorning the cherry tree. After a while though, he let out a small sigh.

“...I like you too.”
Tags: barrett/dorothy, rune factory
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